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CFS (Cross Fraud Suite) is a useful fraud detection tool for banks, financial institutions, post offices and many other BFSI (banking, financial services, securities and Insurance) organizations.

CFS may be conceived to be the ideal solution in any one of the following business scenarios:

As a Fraud Analysis Engine for detecting and tracing frauds in financial transactions.
Hybrid technology based AML tool for institutions who want to upgrade from a simple rule based AML tool of the first generation.
Fraud Discovery Tool Chest for institutions that want to use BI based dashboards and AI based pattern detectors for conducting digital forensics.
Components of cross fraud:
Business Intelligence Mechanism
Discovery of Frauds – Mechanization
Scenario based Investigation
Link Forensics to help in strange chains and ring detection
Regulatory Reporting Module
CrossFraud Suite is the ideal solution for all banks and financial institutions which wish to be ready for the new era of risk and fraud management. The Return on investment in the Solution definitely makes CrossFraud the most competitively authored technology of choice for managing suspicious financial transactions.

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  Energy Management System(EMS)

EMS delivers Saas based energy management software and services that will enable its customers to achieve greater energy savings, improve operational efficiencies, and track carbon for their buildings and campuses. This unified management platform collects granular energy data in real-time to facilitate continuous commissioning and optimization of energy consumption. 

Data can be collected through a variety of sources, including smart meters, gateway devices, or existing databases.  Once the energy data is aggregated, processed, and analyzed in the EMS, the user can access, review, and learn about their operational patterns and energy savings via a standard web browser

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Information Security

OneMailWorld is the ideal message processing framework which archives all emails going in and out of the organization including all internal emails. It supports commonly used E-Mail protocols (SMTP,IMAP,POP). Policy based search for finding non compliant mails in mail archives. Faster and repeatable technique using inverted indexing of all emails. An user friendly Web based user interface for easy analysis.
iBugle is a security appliance that provides complete visibility to information leaving the enterprise in near real-time and protects against information leakage. iBugle can be configured to detect regulatory policy violations, strategic information transmittals and IP thefts. It employs a Packet Capture Engine that captures every outgoing packet on the network at line speed, in passive mode. Many of the commonly used protocols are supported by the system and include SMTP, FTP, POP, IMAP.
Tpartner is a solution that would give users a seamless way to securely send and receive large confidential files both within the company and externally with third party customers and vendors. Tpartner is a powerful web based managed secured file transfer appliance. Ensures that sensitive data is protected at every point of the transfer, from start to finish. Extended features such as encrypted repository managed storage and audited access.
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  Semiconductor Fab(Lithography Engineering Division)
Lithography Engineering System (LES) is a control and engineering system for all scanners/steppers used in the semiconductor fab. It automatically (and regularly) monitors the health of these machines, so as to detect any deviations from its normal usage conditions. As the semiconductor industry continues to push to smaller device geometries the wavelength of light used in the lithographic process is moving to lower wavelengths and increasingly higher energy levels. This tool helps in increasing the yield of the scanner/stepper machine in the Lithography department maintaining the quality of the product. It also provides lithography engineers access to this information via a web based user interface with advanced analytical features
  2. Cost Platorm for TSMC (CPT)
This project was done for the Accounting Dept for a client to perform cost benchmarking and to track their expenses in the various segments of their organization. Each user had their own access rights to access certain features of the product. All access to the software was being logged for auditing. Advanced analytics and various custom reports were generated to track costs in each of the departments.
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Context sensitive advertisement generation and push
Target Advertisement push based on program content in TV broadcast
Rich Media Advertisement toolset for broadband network service providers. Realtime context sensitive advertisement generation and target advertisement push based on program content in video broadcast
This project conceives of watching Videos and relevant Advertisements for the scenes currently playing. The videos are available in the repository for the annotator to annotate each scene based on the scene
Product Catalogue
The Product Catalog is a central repository of product and pricing information for the Enterprise System. This web-enabled application provides, a flexible and easily maintainable mechanism for the management of products and prices. Product Catalog may contain tangible products, such as equipment or clothing, which has several attributes or an intangible consumable product, such as video, audio, telephony services, and installation services. Product information in the Product Catalog provides data that other Enterprise systems require to complete their business transactions. The Product Catalog Administrator adds and modifies products and their pricing details into the application.
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Cognito is an application through which the methodologist can develop methodology and deliver those methodologies to the users who will work with that methodology. It basically consists of two parts Viz., the Studio part and the EUC part.
AM Studio: This is basically like an IDE for the Methodologist, who is a domain expert of the concerned methodology, which he builds. He is responsible for defining and designing the methodologies.  This will contain Tool Editor, Screen Editor, and Sequence Editor as the sub modules. The entire work done in the AM Studio will be stored in the form of a XML file and gets uploaded to the server.
EUC: End User Client Module is responsible for building the client interface by parsing the M-Code (XML File) generated by the AM Studio.

  Business Management Portal (BMP)
Business Management Portal (BMP) is a web-based solution that enables effective collaboration among various professionals engaged in various business activities especially focused on tasks related to Account Management Processes. BMP provides Virtual War Room (VWR) for collaboration. Business Management Portal also includes a central Knowledge Repository that aids in collaboration. The BMP supports processes that enrich the repository as a consequence of collaboration. BMP will eventually evolve into a Process Portal and will support additional business processes apart from account management. A Process Portal allows dynamic creation and management of processes and provides facility to view current status of any process or workflow.
  Network Meet Management System
This product eases the tasks to VCs to automate their meetings with the CEOs and other contacts. The system is built around a single public folder in Microsoft Exchange users access the public folder via Microsoft Outlook. The system has a contact database, which provides a means of storing standard contact information (name, address, phone, etc.) as well as several pieces of custom information for each contact. The system must provide an easy way to indicate for each contact whether or not the contact has accepted an invitation to attend an event or not along with explanatory text for each event.
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